Justin Bieber - Fuse Interview

27 Jun 2012
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Justin Bieber talks to us about the work on his latest album Believe and what his favorite track is on it.

  • Believe in elevators

    Michael MercadoMichael MercadoVor Monat
  • jeppe Damberg eriksson

    Jeppe Damberg ErikssonJeppe Damberg ErikssonVor year
  • 2019??

    Jawaher younusJawaher younusVor year
  • Omg this was posted the year my sister was born

    heather8136heather8136Vor year
  • ARE YOU GOD????? I LOVE YOU JUSTIN BIEBER❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Sayan MondalSayan MondalVor year
  • I love u justin so much

    hirlane laurahirlane lauraVor 2 years
  • your the best singer

    Ferlyn LaoFerlyn LaoVor 2 years
  • I love you Justin bieber

    Ferlyn LaoFerlyn LaoVor 2 years
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    Surekha ChariSurekha ChariVor 2 years
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    Monisha Love___JBMonisha Love___JBVor 2 years
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    Daniella JohanssonDaniella JohanssonVor 2 years
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    Justin biebar Justin biebarJustin biebar Justin biebarVor 2 years
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    selen &Aliselen &AliVor 3 years
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    Evelyn FerreiraEvelyn FerreiraVor 3 years
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    GustavoGustavoVor 3 years
    • cute Justin Bieber you're fake B20 always stupid

      woordchel Neossaintwoordchel NeossaintVor 2 years
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    Renkli Tual _ GamersRenkli Tual _ GamersVor 4 years
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    Renkli Tual _ GamersRenkli Tual _ GamersVor 4 years
  • i miss this justin so much...

    Samuel VosSamuel VosVor 4 years
  • he changed so much

    StephaniaStephaniaVor 4 years
    • Yes

      Rzzh_hfc •Rzzh_hfc •Vor 4 years
  • Wonderful.

    Wen DrewWen DrewVor 4 years
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    aviel Sosaniaviel SosaniVor 4 years
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    CynthiaMendezCynthiaMendezVor 4 years
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    RyanD 450RyanD 450Vor 4 years
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    sage hallsage hallVor 4 years
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    KubaGamePlay123KubaGamePlay123Vor 4 years
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    Ksenia BoiciukKsenia BoiciukVor 4 years
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    nimco kahinnimco kahinVor 4 years
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      silvana diassilvana diasVor 4 years
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    キヤナ夢キヤナ夢Vor 5 years
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      silvana diassilvana diasVor 4 years
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    katy lowmankaty lowmanVor 5 years
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    mundialmente malucasmundialmente malucasVor 5 years
  • When he looked like THIS 😘

    JaylenBeautyXOJaylenBeautyXOVor 5 years

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  • Justin I Love You❤❤❤

    Beatriiz vianna NevesBeatriiz vianna NevesVor 5 years
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    Sabryna OliveiraSabryna OliveiraVor 5 years
  • My baby's lookin so young !!!!!! :D

    Lintang Puspitasari VictorialiceLintang Puspitasari VictorialiceVor 5 years
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    Rozhin RezasoltaniRozhin RezasoltaniVor 5 years
  • He looks so young..

    Lourry StylinLourry StylinVor 6 years
    • When I saw him 8 years ago I thought that he’s like 15

      Fahima AkterFahima AkterVor Monat
  • Forever a Belieber! Love ya JB!

    Lourry StylinLourry StylinVor 6 years
  • Love you Justin!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Jessica EdsbergerJessica EdsbergerVor 6 years
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    Ashley MarmolejosAshley MarmolejosVor 6 years
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    Teresita QuinteroTeresita QuinteroVor 6 years
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      Teresita QuinteroTeresita QuinteroVor 5 years
  • Good lord justin you look ao nice

    Ingrid BettsIngrid BettsVor 6 years
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      Ingrid BettsIngrid BettsVor 6 years
  • Perfect

    Ana Beatriz BarbosaAna Beatriz BarbosaVor 6 years
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    Paulo AndradePaulo AndradeVor 6 years
  • I LOVE YOU JUSTIN!!!!!!!!!

    Lauren StoneLauren StoneVor 6 years
  • Justin bieber is a asshole

    JP channelJP channelVor 6 years
  • He looks like he's about to cry '(

    sooomajb j jsooomajb j jVor 6 years
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    alondra davilaalondra davilaVor 6 years
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    Eduardo de Freitas Costa CostaEduardo de Freitas Costa CostaVor 6 years
  • Why do you haters Watch jb's video and post hate comments

    Fathi NoorFathi NoorVor 6 years
    • cuz there fuckers

      prince mprince mVor 3 years
    • Fathi Noor Because they are just Mean and mistreated!! they have no joy in their lives!

      Cat BensonCat BensonVor 3 years
    • ikr

      Isaabel_ Isa_Isaabel_ Isa_Vor 5 years
  • Maravilhoso sem mais!

    Geovanna BastosGeovanna BastosVor 6 years

    Caroline PearlCaroline PearlVor 6 years
  • My love!!!! in love for u jb!!!

    flavia freireflavia freireVor 6 years
  • OMG this was posted on my birthday and i love him and his music and who cares for what he does in life lots of rumors r going on but justin WE LOVE U SOOOO MUCH

    Julie marieJulie marieVor 6 years
  • For those people that are dissing him on youTube and his twitter you guys must be the biggest JB fans cuz you guys actually care enough to say something about him if you don't like him then don't sweat him and just try to know as little about him as possible just ignore him shut up

    lishhlishhVor 6 years
  • xxx

    LOVE kmsLOVE kmsVor 6 years
  • Her hair is so beautiful!

    nico jonesnico jonesVor 6 years
    • If your talking abkut the girl who was aking question to justin i would like to say that she had a big nest of birds on her haed

      Barkat HusainBarkat HusainVor 2 years
    • Haha not her...that his😁

      Âłăń MůģhāľÂłăń MůģhāľVor 2 years
    • Samantha Reed its a boy u can clearly see it 😂😂😂

      UNKNOWN.BUNKNOWN.BVor 2 years
  • Loooove youu !

    Lili NowakLili NowakVor 6 years
  • I love you Justin bieber and before you retire I want to see you in person.

    Symone DickeySymone DickeyVor 6 years
  • i love you

    swag_milybieberswag_milybieberVor 6 years
  • I am belieber for 7 years i ♥ u justin ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡

    capulcuhazal MSPcapulcuhazal MSPVor 6 years
  • he didnt co write beauty and a beat lol

    hollyhollyVor 6 years
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    Elisa TillieuxElisa TillieuxVor 6 years
  • i love you

    Patrycja LitwinPatrycja LitwinVor 7 years
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    Lukas DambrauskasLukas DambrauskasVor 7 years
  • Sorry I'm not hater but almost beliebers are ugly 13 years old girls but I steal think justin is cool man I respect you man:DD

    Deni AllDeni AllVor 7 years
  • Oh so cute :-)

    Ola StanGrabOla StanGrabVor 7 years
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    Sarahs worldddSarahs worldddVor 7 years
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    Krystian GuzikKrystian GuzikVor 7 years

    KingShadySquadKingShadySquadVor 7 years
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    Emma EmmelliEmma EmmelliVor 7 years
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    Robert AndreevRobert AndreevVor 7 years
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  • Who do your hair?❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Linnea TherkilsdenLinnea TherkilsdenVor 7 years
  • I love you justin bieber i love your music your hiar your lips and your body i love you justin bieber

    Franksuas TorresFranksuas TorresVor 7 years
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    Yoshe FaustineYoshe FaustineVor 7 years
  • Justin's my everything, the best idol of the world♡. I love you with all my heart baby!

    Darinka González PinoDarinka González PinoVor 7 years
  • Holaa

    Mago SanzMago SanzVor 7 years
  • Lol Fans xD

    TRonlyOneTRonlyOneVor 7 years
  • Love my idol

    Fahad BakhshFahad BakhshVor 7 years
  • All girls.

    jeff ongjeff ongVor 7 years
  • I loveeee you

    Molkin.MonroeMolkin.MonroeVor 7 years
  • Ao nice

  • Love him so much...

    Sonia NSonia NVor 7 years
  • you're the best

    Julianna RossJulianna RossVor 7 years
  • I love you Justin bieber you are my life 3

    Sara PalusinskaSara PalusinskaVor 7 years
  • Secute ♥ :P

    Marija ViletaMarija ViletaVor 7 years
  • I love you justin bieber

    Vale :3Vale :3Vor 7 years
  • Lub u

    Lishi_TeoLishi_TeoVor 7 years
  • I love j.b

    Madison CollinsMadison CollinsVor 7 years
  • Jb

    nicola bakernicola bakerVor 7 years
  • C'est le plus beau *-*

    Carla MonacoCarla MonacoVor 7 years
  • Justin Bieber is a little douche. He's ignorant little shit who pisses in mop buckets, which is a crime fucking moron. Who the hell who idolize this guy, there are so many other respectable artists who don't disrespect Anne Frank or spit on their own fans. His music is shit, there are so many other gay artist with actually good music like Frank Ocean or Drake. This guy gets by on looks like seriously, he only has ONE good song and his actions are super poor, nothing more than a overrated douche.

    A YouTube AccountA YouTube AccountVor 7 years
  • I Looove uu 3

    Angela ReyAngela ReyVor 7 years