Justin Bieber - All That Matters

2 Dez 2013
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Music video by Justin Bieber performing All That Matters. ©: The Island Def Jam Music Group

  • 2021

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  • So vary vary favorite song all that matters

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  • Love this song in 2021🤣

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  • Justin Bieber lindo

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  • 2021 👀👀👀👀👀❤️

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  • Im not liking bieber, or his song. I am just using this video as a time machine to go back where it was not so seriously..

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  • El eterno amor de mi vida

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  • .____________________________________.

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  • 2021 and I’m still obsessed

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  • Hello

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  • Oh, oh, just as sure as the stars in the sky I need you to shine in my life Not just for the meanwhile, for a long long time Better believe it Oh, oh, whenever you're not in my presence It feels like I'm missing my blessings, yeah So I sleep through the daylight, stay awake all night 'Til you're back again, oh yeah, yeah You think I'm biased To my significant other You hit it right on the head Only been missing my lover Got a whole lotta texts in my phone and I don't reply The next eight bars tell you why You're all that matters to me, yeah, yeah Ain't worried about nobody else If I ain't with you, I'm not myself You make me complete You're all that matters to me, yeah, yeah What's a king bed without a queen There ain't no "I" in team You make me complete You're all that matters to me Take the gas out the car it won't drive That's how I feel when you're not by my side When I wake up in the morning up under you, and only you Oh, oh, grateful for your existence Faithful, no matter the distance You're the only girl I see From the bottom of my heart, please believe You're all that matters to me, yeah, yeah Ain't worried about nobody else If I ain't with you, I'm not myself You make me complete You're all that matters to me, yeah, yeah What's a king bed without a queen There ain't no "I" in team You make me complete You're all that matters to me Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah You're all that matters to me Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah You're all that matters to me

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  • 0:16

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  • Thinking about Kim Namjoon 😭

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    • 😂

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  • This song and “Clover Cage - Lost Then Found” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you...

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  • Love Justin Bieber

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  • Who's here in 2021 is a legend

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  • Bizzle on 🔥🔥🔥

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  • this is my first time watching this music video...i like jbs newer music, however the irony here between the music video, lyrics of the song, and the past, is laughable...sorry justin

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  • Hi eise Omorfos Justin Bieber 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

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  • No but foreal I honestly think most of JB’s songs suck ass, but he did his thing on this one. He should have made more like this.

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  • All I think about is what selena said when this video came out😂😂🥴

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  • If you are here in 2021 you are a legend your own kind of beautiful is fulfilling ❤️🌺

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  • 2021 y seguimos aquí, orgullosa de todo lo que ha crecido como persona. Te amo por siempre Justin ❤

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    • Te amo jostin bieber😻😻😍😍

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  • Here I am again 🙄

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  • Justin used to fall in love with all skinny girls only

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  • 2021?

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  • 2021?💖

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  • That “OH OH” still goes hard

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  • 2021💕🎶

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  • 2021 ?? Alguem escutando essa reliquia 🥵

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  • WHO’S HERE IN 2021? 👇

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  • We all miss freaky justin

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  • alguien me dice como se llama este estilo musical? JAJA

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  • 2021😢

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  • O tempo passou tão rápido 😔😕😭 eu era tão feliz nessa época e não sabia

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  • I love em 2021

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  • ( 1:00 ) You think I'm biased To must I never gay nodder You eat it right on the hay Only abysmal lover Got a hole that it talks on my phone And i don't reply YOU'RE ALL BUT MATTRESS TO ME

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  • JUSTIN BIEBER!!❤️💙...

  • so which gurl is he talking about cuz i saw like 3 different gurls throughout the mv? help me im confused.

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  • that girl literally got to kiss 19 years old Justin bieber, oh to have her luck

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  • This is TOUGH

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  • Bro that "what's a king bae without a Queen" was smoooooth

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  • 2021🧚‍♀️

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  • Who is still listening to this song in 2021

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  • 1:59 7 years later and I’m still like 🙄😍

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  • ta bien

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  • 2021 y se siente como el primer día que la escuché😍

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  • Such a beautiful MV😍

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  • This is the same girl from confident What's her name

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    • Cailin Russo

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  • ❤️

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  • Eu sou o comentário brasileiro o que vc tá procurando kkk 2021

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  • January 2021💜

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  • We didn't appreciate this enough when it came out.

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  • When I was young I was jealous of the girl for being with justin. Now I'm jealous of Justin for being with that girl.

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  • Only here cos of Stormzy's cover, wanted to check the origanal 😂

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  • I Love youuuuuuuuuuu so muchhhhhhhh Justin drew Bieber

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  • Who else is jamming to this in #2021 ... yass bitch... I'm not a huge fan but there are a couple of songs that I love jamming to. #PeAcE and #LoVe to everyone this year..!! 👍🙃💜💯💚💀💙👌🖤☠❄🥰

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  • Bish if he got that close to my Face my face would be in that floor

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  • love you justin bieber can I be your boyfriend? because your cute

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  • Quem em 2021 Da like

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  • That girl prolly comes here every hour

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  • 2021 ????

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  • I’m obsessed with this song

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  • january 2021?

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  • I remember my big sis and i would scream when it ahowed the part he took his shirt off. So much memorys.💖😂👀🙌✨

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  • these sngs needs more views

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  • Ele fez essa música p selena. Na fase que ele era mto cafageste... agora canta e diz ser p haley.... affs justin 🤨

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  • Al principio del video se agarra el chile,

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  • On dirait ça copine il sont beau vraiment sympa comme musique👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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  • The B in R&B stands for Bieber

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  • E.T.A is the mature version of this song.

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  • A healthy bizzle is not a want it's a need.

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  • Selena Gomez is all that matters ✨✨💓💓

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  • 2021?

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  • 2021 😘 Say hello😁

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  • S.E.L.E.N.A

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  • jelena forever

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    • Jelena was a toxic relationship 🤮🤮

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  • 2021 e eu aqui ouvindo essa música pensando nele 😷

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  • Alguien más en 2021 SOLO AMOR PARA JUSTIN BIEBER

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  • Remember denying his songs.. here I am 5 years later, older and boppin his songs with no shame 😤😤 lightskin biebs goes hard no cap

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  • dehave.info/baby/pxC2IZ7h3OuzoT0i4OC2UA.html

  • Algum brasileiro ouvindo?

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  • Never realized how big his shirt was til 2021 😂😭 this song still the shit tho jus

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  • Ihuuu. Adoro essa

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  • i miss bizzle

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  • dehave.info/down/gm1_mLi6nIOz2mk/video

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  • i never would have thought it was justin when i saw that vine. I dead thought it was jeremih

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  • Justin is Ultra legend❤️😘

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  • 2021 y yo sigo escuchando esta joya ❤️

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  • OMG IM A BIG FAN!!!,!

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  • This era was sooo goood

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  • Justin you purple

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  • Metti così in caso : Justin Bieber - Anyone TRASLATE OFFICIAL (ITA) dehave.info/down/ZmdoXqbVsZ2vy5w/video

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  • SELENA is your.... true love!! god now.😍😥🤐🥰😘

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  • In an interview he said this song is about Selena

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    • Jailey 😍

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    • In a interview selena said he wasn’t happy in their relationship.

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    • and?

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  • 2021 and i'm still listening 😭♥️

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  • From live newyear-eve 2021 here

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  • I need you to shine in my life

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