Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber - Stuck with U (Mother's Day Edition)

11 Mai 2020
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This is a special moment in time and for Mother’s Day we wanted to give you all this memory. Thank you for sending in your stuck with u mom videos and hope u enjoy
SB Projects along with longtime clients Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber release “Stuck with U” to benefit First Responders Children’s Foundation:
In response to the COVID-19 crisis and to help further bolster relief efforts, all net proceeds from the streams and sales of “Stuck with U” will be donated to First Responders Children’s Foundation to fund grants and scholarships for children of healthcare workers, emergency medical technicians (EMTs), paramedics, police officers and firefighters serving at the front lines during the global pandemic.
That means that by listening, watching, and sharing - you are helping to support families in need. If you would like to make an additional contribution to First Responders Children's Foundation, click the donate button.
Thank you to all the fans, friends and first responders who participated.
Created & directed by: Rory Kramer, Alfredo Flores, Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Scooter Braun
#JustinBieber #ArianaGrande #StuckwithU
Music video by Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber performing Stuck with U (Mother's Day Edition). © 2020 Silent Records Ventures, LLC, Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc., and Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


  • Everyone in comment section , stuck with this and that. Me who is always sleeping and gets no time to stuck up 👁️👄👁️

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  • This song and “Clover Cage - Lost Then Found” are the two songs keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better. We are in this together...I love you...

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    • Your wiz khalifa?

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  • I love this more

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  • j'aime cette chanson mais........ je suis déçu que vous avez tricher pour être premier du bliborde et sa me fait grave mal

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  • amazing song

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  • Wow

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  • ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡☆!!!.

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  • good

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  • This song is relaxing. I listen to this song on replay at night which makes me fall sleep. Thank you for this video

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  • This song and “Clover Cage - Lost Then Found” are the two songs keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better. We are in this together...I love you

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  • Tu no cambias de peinado por que en la de Sam y Cat por la peluca se te Isieron las raíces feas y se te caen mechones de cabello y todo eso lo ocultas, y no es por que sea grosera solo sigo si Ariana grande?🤞

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  • Cool

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  • bieber

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  • Ariana : Stuck with Dalton Justin : Stuck with Hailey Me : Stuck with Google Classroom

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    • you copy rod maicale

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  • I love you

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  • Because I’m amazing

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  • wait so Hailey is a mother? JK

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  • i love it

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  • Hailey Bieber Hair tutorial

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  • Justin Bieber I'm going to cry I know I just send you a another one but also as your friends with Ariana Grande cuz I think you are because it only took a song with her but I like to see you one day but I probably can't but if I ever see you I'll promise that I was always always have that feeling in me

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  • ❤️

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  • So cute 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

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  • Happy 2021

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  • Awwwww

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  • such a beautiful, peaceful, amazing, so heart touching song 🥺

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  • Stuck with u ❤👍

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  • This song for me is Im stuck with homework deadline is almost near i need too oo rush

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  • Y'all gotta see this: Justin Bieber - La bomba ft. J Balvin Link:

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  • Justin Bieber: Stuck with his wife Ariana Grande: Stuck with her boyfriend me: stuck with online school

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    • @Brainy Debo I-

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    • Hey early gang u came a little late but mok

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  • you have more subscrbers then mr beast but pewdiepie has more subscribers

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  • I have a few words of encouragement in the midst of what's going on. It might sound wierd, but it is for real and I thought that it would be important to say it. Its long because I've tried to and any faqs! Hopefully this will answer some of those nagging questions - Why can't evil be forgiven and let off, how is the whole "Jesus dying" thing really relevant to anything? To you? if you still have any questions let me know x Do you ever struggle? Or doubt that God Loves You After what you've done? Do you wonder if He even exists for that matter? Read this: Every one of us have lied, stolen (even tiny things count as stealing), spoken badly to our parents and had embarrassing and detestable thoughts in our thought life. The Bible calls this "sin", the breaking of God's laws. You might think, so what? Everyone lies and thinks bad things about others! Its human! You're right. 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  • Am I the only one who come here because MOMO recommended this song?

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  • Cute song

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  • 31.12.2020

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  • i love you

  • Seriously dude you just hook Ari's song on your Channel

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  • "Looking back on my life you're the only thing good I've ever done, if it isn't you, it isn't anyone" - Justin Bieber ANYONE is coming JAN, 01st He's going to perform the new song for the first time in his #BieberNYE concert!!! We are going to be the first ones to listen to the song, don't miss it!!

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    • CAM HERE

    • I came here at least

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  • yoh freakini from henry danger is in the video love him so much

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  • i was in awe when i seen ari mom and brother dancing like fam goal

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  • subscribe to my youtube channel for lots of content! my instagram: matthy.shoouw see you soon ❤️

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  • My step sis was in this

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  • Hey Comment Section I stuck With You 😜

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  • Ariana I want to be like you your my favorite

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  • That makes me cry

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  • Bahagia bgt

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  • I want cry bcs the mv

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  • Outright made me cry. Show love to our moms while we still have them. 😭❤️

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  • Gostei

  • 3:33 Justin is possessed :0

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  • Linda cara se um dia tiver a sorte de conhecer vcs

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  • 💎Wow nice song💎

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  • I love my mom so much she is my everything in this house love you mom stay safe and may god bless you all moms and all may god bless all mothers amen

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  • Mother's Day in Indonesia otw on Dec 22th. Remember my beloved mother. She already pass away. So sad #tears

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  • If you see this video at one day I just want to telling you😔❤️: "i love you so much that than anything in these world mommy😍😍😢😢🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️".

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  • Sisjsisjkasjkshsakka

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  • salfok ada yang bawa lightstick EXO :)

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    • Itu orang indo ya

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  • Пожалуста подпешисы на мои канал

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  • Waiting for someone to say at 6:68 it's me and my mum,at 10:11 it's me it's me

  • Me stuck with my boyfriend shadrack and george

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  • اما طلع الوضع شحاذه اجل جمع تبرعات وانا احسب جستنبيبر غني وعنده ملاين

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  • Ariana grande is so fucking pretty 😍😍

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  • 有情、有味、赞好!!❤️💕

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  • I am stuck with google classroom.

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  • Suara ariana terlalu tipis, manja dan banyak udara..sehingga kendor dan mudah dilupakan.. teknik vokal mmg cukup bagus tapi secara suara kurang mantul..beda dgn Justin Bieber yg bersuara penuh dan pulen..mantap dan berada pd level yg tinggi..sangat menyentuh dan meninggalkan kenangan yg dalam.

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  • Suara Justin Bieber memang sangat indah dan enak ditelinga..mampu membius dan menenangkan jiwa..itu bakat dan kelebihan seorang Justin Bieber..

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  • awwww this song warms my heart

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  • The exo lightstick!!!bsjebsejnsdusjx

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  • Nice song..make me feel happy n relaks..but I see Justine with his wife look like a boy with his mom.. cause Justine look like young child..not look like a husband.

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  • stream global de oh santa de mariah carey ariana grande y Jennifer Hudson

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  • Ariana: stuck with her boyfriend Justin Bieber: stuck with his wife me :stuck on these online classes😞 p.s the dog is drowing in the pillow

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  • Not so good as i expected it to be.

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  • Cool

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  • Hey #ArianaGrande! What are you doing for the next 75 years? I just happen to be free at this point!lol

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  • I ship so hard

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  • I love you Ariana

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  • anyone wants ariana to play roblox

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    • Who's Ariana?

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  • Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber

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  • I love this song is my favourite 💕💕💕

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  • Never go back Justin!

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  • 4:16

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  • Imagine you being in that video

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  • When I first heard this song I cried 😭😭

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  • 2020 suck coved 19 uh I’m stuck home all day and we need masks 😷

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  • A vida sempre é melhor entenda✌

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  • *Please help us for stre@ming BTS NEW SONG 'Life Goes On' your heart will melt if you listen to it for once* **

  • A little bit of love is good too!💖

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  • This is such a cute video😭❤️

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  • B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L what a wonderful song!!! {we're all in this together} STAY SAFE EVERYONE!!!

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  • Thanks so much for putting me in the music ❤️

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